Central Business Institute,Swaziland
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Our Mission
Our main mission is to be The Management Development Resources Center for Africa, promoting regional integration and development in Africa through training, organizational and institutional capacity development, research, high quality advisory and consulting services.
Our aim is to provide FREE TRAINING and COURSES to Swazis to make them useful part of the society and here-in-after useful part of international skilled force. Our core mission is to empower the Swazis with immediate earning capacity through learning the industry demanded courses which have a great potential in terms of starting earning even at home using latest Information Technology.

Our Initial Goal
Our initial goal is, to empower the Swazi students/community members with vocational, I.T, Hotel & Tourism and Business Administration related courses. The hot short I.T courses (i.e Website developing, e-marking, online business stores, shopping cart, online vendors) and Secretarial/Business Management courses are the courses which have attarcted many local and International Students. Such courses may bring an immediate earning capacity in the qualified students/community members.

International Exposure
While studying with International Students the Swazi students will have an international exposure within their own community, to learn more about international education and it's exposure. It will also provide an opportunity to International student to learn more about the cultural and real sweet face of Swazi nation while learning in a natural and real Swazi Rural Area environment.

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